What are your fraud filters?

We have more than 100 farud filters based on specific datas such as IP, MSISDN, Card Number (first 6 - last 4 digits), timeframe, amount and count. Our fraud filters are working automatically and in real-time. Also these filters can be specialized according to the risk category of the merchant. 

What are the precautions that are took against fraudulent activities?

Against fraudulent activities; We are running a Monitoring Systems that is working according to the determined risk category of the content/service provider. We have more than 100 specialized fraud filters based on specific datas (MSISDN, Card number, transaction time, amount, transaction count). In order to keep each transaction secure, these filters are working real-time. 

How do you provide data security for Card Payments?

Our company has PCI/DSS certificate which is an international card protection standard. For this reason your card data can not be seen or stored by anyone. All of our card transactions are completed with 3D secure (OTP), so nobody can use your card without your permission.

How do you protect Mobile Payment datas?

The only data we need for mobile payments is your GSM number. Through your GSM number, it is not possible to reach any of your personal and sensitive data. Also all of our payment pages are protected by 128 bit SSL sertificate.

In which cases I have a right to receive chargeback?

In below cases your demand of chargeback is justified: 

  • When you are charged, but didn't received item/service
  • In case of a technical issue caused by Operator/Bank/Content Provider
  • In subscription services you didn't receive the benefits

For these cases you will receive your chargeback in short time.  For issues other than these, please contact our Customer Support team.