What are your fraud filters?

We have more than 100 farud filters based on specific datas such as IP, MSISDN, Card Number (first 6 - last 4 digits), timeframe, amount and count. Our fraud filters are working automatically and in real-time. Also these filters can be specialized according to the risk category of the merchant. 

How can I apply for Acquiring Service?

In order to benefit from PaybyMe Acquiring Service, you can contact our Sales team via sales@payby.me or you can click to "Apply now" button and fill out an application. 

How do you provide data security for Card Payments?

Our company has PCI/DSS certificate which is an international card protection standard. For this reason your card data can not be seen or stored by anyone. All of our card transactions are completed with 3D secure (OTP), so nobody can use your card without your permission.

What should I do for my chargeback demand via Card Payment?

In case of a chargeback demand for a Card Payment transaction, please contact our customer support team via 0850 532 5040 or cc@payby.me mail address. Our Customer Support agents will be needing transaction date, service and your cards first 6 last 4 digits in order to investigate your transaction. If your demand is accepted, you will receive your chargeback directly to your card.