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International and Local Card Transactions

As PaybyMe, We provide Acquiring services that includes all present card programs with the most competitive pricing policy. PaybyMe Acquiring is able to provide you the option to collect money from your customers with installments alongside with all card program advantages. Since we are working with international acquirers, we are able to provide you international card payments in local currencies.

Debit/Credit Card Transactions

PaybyMe Acquiring is a full 3D Secure, PCI/DSS licensed and MasterCard/Visa registered payment service. A PaybyMe Acquiring Service using business full 3D can start accepting card payments from almost all issuer banks with just one API integration. 

By using PaybyMe Acquiring Services, you will be able to monetize your high amounted sales and include to your website the largest internet payment instrument for over-all times in world.  

After entering the card information to the screen,  issuer bank’s 3D page comes to screen. Your transaction is completed after you enter the OTP code to page. If chosen, the installment count is shared with the customer right after. 

Mobile Payments

PaybyMe provides everything you need to create quick and effective mobile commerce experiences. In 4 continents by directly partnering with local operators, we serve as a leader Mobile Payment services provider in order to bring you the most effective mobile payment options.

Direct Billing and PSMS 

PaybyMe provides the Mobile Payment option to customers which is the best proven payment method for digital goods, with the best infrastructure.

During the process of mobile payment transaction, since there is no need to acquire any sort of end-user data or any sort of registration, transaction can be completed in one step and in the shortest amount of time. When compared to credit card transactions, this user-friendly process is proven to increase your conversion rates and the purchasing customer amount to a better scale.

While making a Mobile Payment transaction with Direct Carrier Billinh, it is enough for the user to enter GSM number to the screen and answering back to the SMS with a “Yes”.

ISP Billing

Through our partnership with the largest internet provider of Turkey, TTNET, we are able to let our customer collect money via ISP Billing. This service enables more than 17 million internet user to make fast, easy and secure payments through their internet bills.

ISP Billing

You don’t need any additional payment instruments in this payment option which enables you to charge your customers through their internet bills. 

For TTNET users, it is enough to registered to the system once. A unique password is given to the customer at this point. Therefore customer can complete the process with just their registered e-mail address and this unique password. 

In some cases, in order to enhance the security of the transaction an OTP SMS can be sent to the customer.