Payment by Internet Utility Bill (ISP/IP Billing)


With the cooperation of TTNET, the largest broadband/internet provider of Turkey, we started to serve ISP billing technology in Turkey to enable our partners to further monetize their goods and services via ISP billing. This service will let 17 million internet users pay for their purchases through their internet bill.

Why to have this method among others?

  • TTNET’s the biggest internet provider (85%) in Turkey
  • It’s easy and fast: one step transaction
  • No other payment instrument is needed
  • Captures the potential buyers have/could not spend before
  • Advantageous for the merchants because of the competitive pay outs

How it works?

TTNET users just need to enroll to the system from TTNET’s web site for once. The system generates a password for each user to be used for all purchases. Entering only the e-mail enrolled by the user himself/herself and the password given by TTNET will be enough. For the transaction to be more sure the user is then asked to enter an OTP.

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