Mobile Payment (Direct Billing&PSMS)

Secure & Simple

PaybyMe provides seamless Mobile Payment solution which is a best proven way to monetize your valuable products/services with direct carrier connections all around the World.

PaybyMe Mobile Payment solution requires no customer registration or privately identifiable information, making PaybyMe a low friction payment option. This lack of friction is proven to provide higher conversion rates and we are currently converting up to 10x more customers than credit card payment methods.

How it works?

Platform free solution
for all type of product monetization

Web/TAN Flow

This flow requires customers to enter their mobile number to the text box displayed on the web page then reply the message with “YES”, will be sent by PaybyMe to confirm purchase.

img-mnumber img-getconfirm img-game
mobile number
your game

SMS Triggered Flow

This flow requires customers to send an SMS to start transaction. Some operators require second confirmation which means that customer needs to send another SMS to confirm purchase.

In-App Payments

This flow allows customers to pay for their favorite mobile games and apps without any SMS interaction.

img-code img-percents img-ok
enter the code
into the box
your payment
is in progress