Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy; States your privacy rights concerning collecting, using, storing, sharing and protecting your personal information for contacting our company via our website. This Policy; is valid for PaybyMe Website with all the sites, social media tools, applications, services, tools, regardless of your access and usage methods. Aside from the information that you’ve provided with your own decision, the information of the computer that reached to the site is also within the scope of this policy. This Policy; Does not concern the 3rd party applications which does not belong to our company and/or can not be controlled by our company and the people who are not employed in and/or are not under our company’s management.

Collecting, Storing, Protecting and Using Personal Information

PaybyMe collects the information that is necessary for contacting us via our website. Also PaybyMe takes automatically and collects the information that is coming from your browser and our server logs includes your IP address, PaybyMe cookies, software and hardware attributes and the page you request.

All information is stored in the database and server that is only accessible by Klon Ödeme Kuruluşu A.Ş which holds the trademark of PaybyMe and employees who are authorized only in this company.

We are using these informations that come to us automatically and/or you gave us for reaching out to you upon your request. Apart from this, the information within the scope of Privacy Policy can not be shared with a 3rd party person/company/institution that we are not directly in agreement or not in a non-disclosure agreement with no other reason.

In case you have questions concerning our Privacy Policy you can reach to our Call Center (+90 212 288 94 10)